About Me

CW Park, an accomplished scholar and authority in the marketing realm, has an illustrious career spanning several decades and geographical boundaries. Recognized as an eminent author, professor, and the current leader of the Global Branding Center, Park has firmly established his presence in academia and the wider industry. From his base in Los Angeles, California, his significant contributions continue to shape the study and practice of marketing.

Career Trajectory and Present Role

Having started his professional journey in marketing academia, Park's career path is defined by consistent success and far-reaching influence. Currently, he leads the Global Branding Center, which sees him facilitating the growth and comprehension of branding on an international platform.

Before associating with the University of Southern California (USC), Park held the respected title of Albert Wesley Frey Distinguished Professor of Marketing at the Katz Graduate School of Business at the University of Pittsburgh. A series of achievements defined his time there, setting the foundation for his current influential position at USC.

Park has also made his mark as an esteemed author. His recent publication, "Brand Admiration: Building a Business People Love," has been lauded for its insightful take on brand management. This book is just one addition to his extensive list of written works, including numerous scholarly articles published in top academic journals like the Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Consumer Research, and Journal of Marketing.

Between 2008 and 2012, CW Park was responsible for editing the Journal of Consumer Psychology while serving on the editorial board for the Journal of Marketing and Consumer Psychology. These roles underscore his esteemed status and influence in the field.

Professional Achievements and Awards

C Whan Park's portfolio of achievements is adorned with numerous prestigious awards that emphasize his significant contribution to marketing academia. Notably, he was honored with the Davidson Honorable Mention Award in 2008 and the Alpha Kappa Psi Award in 1987. The Korean Marketing Association (KMA) acknowledged him as an Academic Fellow in 2017, further attesting to his influence domestically and internationally.

Park's vast expertise covers various crucial aspects of marketing, with a particular emphasis on brand awareness, fostering prominent global brands, and formulating marketing strategies. His comprehensive research and pedagogy in these domains have cemented his position as a trusted expert and respected figure.

When not engrossed in his professional engagements, Park indulges in reading, education, and teaching - interests that dovetail perfectly with his academic pursuits. These hobbies offer relaxation and intellectual challenge, further expanding his knowledge beyond his primary domain of expertise.

Choong Whan Park's professional journey symbolizes his devotion, intellectual curiosity, and allegiance to the marketing field. Through his extensive body of work, his influence on academic journals, and leadership within educational organizations, he has significantly molded our understanding and application of marketing in the modern world. His enduring contributions promise to inspire future generations of marketing professionals and academics.


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